Did you know that April is the month of Aphrodite, the Goddess of love and beauty?

Since it’s Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, April is also considered a strong time for growth.  It’s an opportunity for you to step powerfully into who you are meant to be and emerge as a deeper, more authentic version of yourself.

With Spring, there is also a strong presence of the idea of OPENING. Opening blossoms and blooming, but we can also think of opening oneself more.

spring blossoms help us get into the perfect weight loss mindset

Spring is also the time of the year that people start gearing up for Summer.  They become more focused on and determined to change their bodies.  And with that, often they adopt a mindset that will very likely destroy their results before they ever reach their goal.

I know that this year everything is up in the air, however let’s stay optimistic and look to the future with hope. 

We are now all getting used to the lockdown and fear and anxiety are subsiding enough to give us room to think ahead and pick up our goals from where we left off earlier this year.

I have coached many clients over the years through the process of regaining control of their bodies and have consistently seen these mindset challenges come up for them.

Overcoming these challenges has been the deal breaker for all those who struggled. Once they understood where and why they were stuck the transformations they were looking for happened effortlessly and in a way that was fun and interesting for them.

In the end, self-sabotage and loss of willpower almost always win unless you are willing to explore and then change your mindset.  So, I decided to share with you what these mindsets are so you can avoid them and instead adopt a belief system that’s much more likely to help you succeed.

Here we go…

1. The Diet Mindset

This is all about short term, quick fixes.  It’s something you can’t possibly sustain forever.  It requires a never ending source of willpower, which none of us have.

Yes, you will get results short term (likely due to severely restricted caloric consumption) but you’ll lose any gains you’ve made as soon as you return to normal eating. In fact, you are most likely to gain extra weight for good measure.

If this is how you approach dieting you really need to change your mindset if you want to succeed

And that is the problem… returning to “normal eating”. The same diet that caused you to be unhappy with your figure in the first place. The same diet rich in convenience food, trans fats and all the things that don’t work for you.

Ask yourself – can I see myself dieting like crazy a year from now? 

I can tell you for a fact that your metabolism simply won’t allow it and it will throw as many curve balls as it can to force you to stop this nonsense.

2. The Do More Mindset

“If I just eat less and move more I’ll get to where I want to be!” …eeerrr… nope, that’s not how it works…

Just like the diet mindset above, this is unsustainable, as you can only eat less and move more for so long before it stops working. There is a short window of time when this approach is successful and will give you results. And that’s 1 to 2 weeks tops.

In fact, just like excessive calories restriction, this mindset will cause your metabolism to backfire in spectacular fashion.

There is a place for this strategy in any body transformation protocol. You need to know how to use it wisely to make the most of it so you can weave it into your overall plan.

3. The Short Term Mindset

”I’ll be happy when I weigh XX or when I fit into a size X! I can’t wait until that happens so that I can go back to eating normally.”

You can clearly see that associating happiness with a number isn’t healthy for many reasons.

It will put you on an emotional roller coaster daily based on what the scale says, and it sets you up to regain the weight after you achieve the initial goal… because, once again, you are seeing the nutritional changes you need to implement to achieve your weight loss goals as a sacrifice instead of looking at them as new healthy habits that will help you take care of your health as well as your waistline.

Do you see how a simple change in your mindset can reframe your weight loss journey into something positive?

The normal eating you want to go back to when you need to change your mindset instead

Your version of “eating normally” is what got you to weigh more than you would like and to make your clothes shrink 😉 really, I don’t know why you would bother with a body transformation program if your plan is to undo all your hard work anyway as soon as the 3 months are over.

4. The When/Then Mindset

“WHEN the timing or situation is perfect, THEN I’ll take action.”  Reality is that there will never be a perfect time or scenario in your life to create change.  Choose to do it anyway and you’ll find that taking action will make it the right time for it.  Does it make sense?   

If you when/then the situation, you’ll still be “thinking about it” years down the road – trust me – I’ve seen it happen far too many times!

Hesitation and procrastination will get you nowhere and you will hold on to that feeling of unhappiness with your body forever. When it’s so easy to take action right now, in this moment. It doesn’t have to be extravagant. It could be as simple as having a glass of water instead of fruit juice or cordial.

It’s a tiny step in the right direction but if you take another one tomorrow and another one the day after tomorrow you will soon be compounding the effects and start seeing the results you want so much.

Again, I know that right now, in the middle of a pandemic, there are other things on your mind. But as the dust begins to settle and you start thinking about how to use the lockdown productively, please remember these tips and make sure that when you start working on your body transformation (perfect time to get started) you avoid these common pitfalls and you come up with a top strategy that will lead you to success.

So, which of these mindsets have you previously fallen into? Are you in one now? Do you see what shifts you can make right now to avoid these pitfalls?

Don’t forget that if you need any help to change your mindset I am only a phone call away. 

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  1. Such a useful blog. These 4 mindsets are so easy to fall into!

    1. They are indeed. You always have to be on the lookout for them and then acknowledge where you are resistant to change your mindset around body transformations. 🙂

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