Hi, if we haven’t met before this is me.

Over the past decade (and some), I’ve been helping women like you reclaim control of their bodies, stop the middle age spread and feel ageless again as they enter the best years of their lives.

My purpose is to inspire you to reinvent yourself, declare who you desire to be, ditch conventions and live fearlessly without limitations.

You may think I start with your body, but in reality, I’m secretly slaying the limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck in a dull place until you finally march to the beat of your own drum.

Mens sana in corpore sano.


A little bit of my history & struggles

I’ve been into sports since I can remember, in fact, my mum sometimes mentions that I cartwheeled my way into this world when I was born. I have since been a skier, gymnast, jazz dance performer, choreographer and pole fitness student & teacher. I also studied different martial arts styles of over a 40+ year span, and during this time I was blessed with the opportunity to train with world champions all over the world.

Did I mention that I love Parkour and I’m the oldest student at the local academy?

You can follow my free running journey on my YouTube channel.

I used to work in Corporate, my last role was as Company Secretary and Head of Finances for a local group of companies. When that came to an end I decided to follow my heart and help others enjoy their fitness journey as much as I do.

And I do enjoy it. I’ve even come to love being the oldest person in the room whenever I try something new!

Being active and moving around is when I am at my happiest and it’s not just because of the endorphins. I truly enjoy exploring the art of movement and pushing myself to new limits. Actually, since reaching middle age it’s been more about getting as close as possible to the old limits I left behind 20 or 30 years ago. I tried knitting but, although it cost me 3 years of being crippled, I’ll stick to Parkour for the foreseeable future and shove two fingers up to my decaying bone density.

Like most of my clients, I struggled with my weight all my life. And still do.

When I was younger this impacted my self-esteem as I fell under the spell of unrealistic beauty standards that, for the most part, can only be achieved with the smart use of Photoshop.

However, slight chubbiness never stopped me from achieving my fitness goals, it just made it harder to bend like a pretzel when the occasion called for it. I always hated the fact that I never seemed to be able to get rid of my pot belly and overhang despite going on punishing diets or doing insane amounts of weight lifting and HIIT workouts.

How I turned it around

A few years back I discovered that I carry the “superfat” gene but, unlike other members of my family, the rest of Team DNA manages to keep the little bugger under control. At least to a certain extent.

Being willing to go the extra mile to make that a complete turnaround I invested a ridiculous amount of time and resources (£££££’s) into learning as much as I could about the female metabolism and how hormones influence our ability to burn unwanted fat, especially after a certain age.

This was a rather steep learning curve but, eventually, it led me to have curves in all the right places in my 40s that I still keep in my 50s. And without too much effort either.

I love exercising but I am not a fanatic. I’d rather have fun than feel the need to puke from the exhaustion.

The results of my smart choices speak for themselves and although some people bitch about the fact that I am not ripped they forget that it is not a requirement to live a happy, active and fulfilling life.

Most of my clients feel the same way too.

In over a decade of helping others achieve and surpass their fitness and fat loss goals I only had a dozen ladies ask for the fitness model look. Eleven ran away when they found out how they had to eat and exercise to look like that, the other one was game and at 42 she was the fittest woman on the beach.

How I help my clients, i.e. you

I like to keep things simple. My clients also like it when I make something amazingly complicated simple, but effective. It’s a win-win scenario.

As well as having a wealth of experience in fitness I have a strong background in psychology and holistic therapies. This allows me to help my clients discover their winning mindset and be inspired to transform into the healthiest, happiest and most fabulous versions of themselves.

At times this looks a lot like cutting through buckets of bullshit but in the end it changes people’s perception of what it takes to achieve results that seemed totally unreachable at the start. Whilst honouring their bodies, of course.

I know very well that “one size fits all” methods for fitness or weight loss don’t work for everyone, that’s why I teach my clients how to read their metabolism and work with their natural tendencies so they can achieve their goals with grace and ease.

When I am not busy working with clients I’m busy scripting and filming videos for my YouTube channel where I share my knowledge and midlife fitness tips. And in my downtime I spend time walking in nature or peeling my cats off the net curtains.

A gift for you

If you would like a taster of what it’s like to work with me why not sign up for my Fitness Success Tips? As soon as you send me your details I will send them straight to your inbox every day for the next couple of weeks. You’ll also be subscribed to my newsletter with even more tips to make your fitness journey a happy one.

Are you in?



  1. Hi. I enjoy the Report of your bone bruise. I am affected now. I like to buy your book but i dont have pay pal and dont trust it. Is there another way to pay? Thanks. Kind regards christine

    1. Hi, you can use your credit card to buy the e-book

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