The main reason why you don’t get the results you want from your weight loss or fitness journey is a lack of consistency with your efforts, especially in the face of adversity (plateaus).

I see it happen all the time and I always take this possibility into account as I co-create the fitness journey that I take my clients through. 

If this is you, don’t worry… here’s what will turn the situation around very quickly (warning: explicit language).


As humans, we have three basic psychological needs:

1. autonomy

2. competence

3. relatedness 

When these three psychological needs are met, we are buoyant. We are happy. We are motivated to do anything. We take charge, we feel confident. We’re ready to take over the world. We make enlightened decisions from a place of joy and everything is good. 

But when those needs are not met, that’s when the trouble starts, because then we get miserable. We get depressed, demoralized, we can’t be asked to get out of bed or do anything, and we become fearful and anxious.

And that means that we’re making decisions from a place where it’s unlikely we’re going to be successful at anything. We let negativity dominate.  

The issue here is that the effects of your decisions, whether they come from a good place or not, compound over time and will lead to more of those results. So you’ll either get more confident over time or you’ll get more depressed. And then you post soppy stories on Facebook.

That’s great Crissy, but how do I apply these ideas to my fitness journey?


People are more likely to stick with something they’re doing, whether it’s a workout or a weight loss journey (or anything else, for that matter), when they feel like it’s their decision to get started in the first place.

When you truly own the decision to go on a fitness journey, you’re more likely to be successful at it and see it through to the end. 

Think about it: what’s your first reaction when someone tells you to do something you’re not keen on?

Say no? 

And if you go ahead and take up their suggestions, how long do you stick with it before you embrace the lamest of excuses and allow inertia to set in?


People are at their happiest when they can master a new skill just for the fun of it, without a secret agenda behind it.

But, again, it has to be their decision to do so and be curious about “that new thing”. 

Think about overhauling your nutrition or mastering your schedule so you can fit in your workouts easily.

These are skills that you don’t have right now if you’re struggling with your weight or with remaining consistent with your workouts.

What do you think is going to help you succeed faster? Your desire to learn how to reclaim control of your body and your schedule OR passively following instructions laid out in a manual?


People are at their happiest when they feel that they belong to a group where they can both offer and receive support.

This is why a lot of communities on social media are successful: when one person rises, everyone rises with them albeit vicariously. Celebrating each other’s wins is uplifting, whereas reminding others of their brilliance and successes when they’re feeling down helps keep the mood positive for those feeling under the weather.


There are different ways you can work with me, but the place where all three principles of the self-determination theory come together are my Fitness Community (the TOTT Lounge) and my Discord server. But, to be fair, they also apply to the work I carry out on a 1-2-1 basis. It’s just a smaller support group of 2.

When you appoint me as your mentor I won’t TELL YOU what to do, I’ll give you suggestions and options. It’s up to you to CHOOSE the one you believe will be a better fit for your existing lifestyle. You are in charge, as long as you take charge. 

Once you’ve chosen the route that will take you towards your goals I’ll teach you the skills you need get there. In fact, you’ll most likely surpass those initial goals with ease. And then I’ll help you achieve those you think are impossible.

If you are in a group setting you’ll be able to travel together with the others, even if you all have slightly different destinations. I must admit, sometimes it’s competitiveness that spurs you on to be the best version of yourself rather than a feeling of belonging. But I’ll take it.

The only thing that matters is that at the end of our journey together you achieve the goals you set out for yourself and that you have all the tools and strategies you can go back to if and when you need to correct course. 

Ready to get started for the last time?

Here’s my calendar where you can find the best time for me to chat so I can suggest the best way we can work together. Book straight away, before you start second guessing yourself.

Look forward to chatting with you!

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