How to navigate the festive feasts without expanding your waistline or shedding crocodile tears on 2nd Jan.



It doesn’t matter where you live or what religion you choose to follow (if any), there’s no escaping Christmas and all the extra reasons to party that this time of the year brings.

Although it’s nice to be social and let your hair down, for those on a weight loss and fitness journey the run up to Christmas and the New Year celebrations can be a bit of a nightmare.

It takes an awful lot of fortitude to avoid succumbing to the lure of the cheeky extra sausage roll (or vegan equivalent) and a bucket of mince pies. Not to mention a super large slice of Panettone!

And don’t get me started on the drinks!

As a Fitness Coach I always recommend my clients to chill and enjoy their festive blowouts and make the most of their downtime BUT only if they follow the advice in this short and sweet (even if I say so myself) mini-course. Or else. ?

No, seriously. Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve are only 3 days out of 365.

If you’ve been diligent with your fitness and fatloss efforts, going bonkers with food and drinks for 3 days won’t make you put on a massive amount of weight or cause all your muscles to disappear. However, unless you plan carefully around the festivities, 3 days on a bender may turn into 3 weeks and even 3 months. And THEN you’ll be in trouble… and back to square one.

Lucky for you, my e-book will help you re-frame the holidays as a time to stay focused on your fatloss and fitness goals whilst at the same time enjoying the downtime.

You can easily use the richer foods and larger portions to boost your fatloss results instead of causing you grief.

You only need a few adjustments and a bit of planning to stay the course.

Finish the year in style and come out the other side of the holidays slimmer, stronger, happier.

Grab my e-book and I’ll show you how it’s done! ?


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