This is simply the XXI century version of doing fitness training. I know it may seem weird if you are not used to doing online meetings but I promise you it’s the way to go… for a lot of the teaching that’s usually done in person. But not for everything.

Where you are at

You live a hectic life, you travel a lot, you work long hours so you can’t commit to showing up for your sessions in person. You live a long way away from me but you still want to work together and traveling isn’t an option.

You already have some experience exercising and you are comfortable with video calls… you don’t find them weird. You are looking for guidance in crafting and executing a masterplan for your fitness journey because you have learned the hard way that going it alone isn’t always the smartest choice.

The problem you are facing

Because you cannot commit to regular classes at your local gym you have tried and failed at a few online DIY programs. You thought you were going to follow them to the letter but it didn’t happen.

You didn’t stick to the recommended schedule, or at least you didn’t do this for long enough to start seeing results. When you came up to a snafus you couldn’t get any support from a qualified source to help you out. You read the instructions over and over but you were left with more questions than answers and in the end you gave up.

Although you may be able to perform normal exercises with a certain degree of competence you are not sure what to do to get the results you want. Yet you want to feel good about yourself and love the way you look.

What you need to make a breakthrough

Considering if online coaching is the right choice for me

When you feel lost, confused and discouraged it’s easy to want to give up on a project. And yet you feel like it shouldn’t be that hard to get the body you want.

What you need is clear instruction and a progressive program that will take you from where you are at to where you want to be. But you still have time or location constraints.

You are practicing social distancing so you don’t leave your home but at the same time you don’t want to give up training altogether. However, knowing how to adapt your gym workouts to your new situation can be puzzling and you are not sure how to make them just as effective.

That’s when online coaching comes into its own.

How can Online Coaching help you?

Because this is not a DIY program you still have to show up for your sessions but there is a degree of flexibility involved here because you are no longer tied to a location. We can “meet up” regardless of where either of us is… as long as we both have an internet connection!

Imagine being able to discuss your fitness and nutrition while on the move and still get the guidance and support that I offer all my clients. A lot of the time people need to talk about issues around their body image and self confidence more than to exercise in front of me (and their family). Online Coaching is the perfect solution for you: more discretion, more freedom, same success.

If you are travelling you can show me what equipment is available to you, if any, and we can adapt the workouts accordingly. If for you it’s more about the strategy we can discuss that and you can then work your workouts on your own, in your own time. If you want to focus on the nutrition side of things we can do that too: just “take me shopping” with you at the grocery store and I’ll help you choose the foods that will support you on your fitness journey.

What’s included in your online coaching package

  • Bespoke fitness and nutrition program
  • Regular coaching sessions via Zoom call
  • Guidance and support throughout the program (min. duration 3 months)
  • If needed I will teach you how to use the video app

Ready to give it a go?
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