Have you seen people performing the Animal Flow moves on YouTube or at a park near you? They are cool, aren’t they? Well, the good news is that if you live in Essex, UK I can teach you how to do that!

Where you are at

You are completely bored with your usual CrossFit, your Zumba, your Body Building, your cardio and all the usual things you do at your normal gym. In fact, you probably have come to dislike the gym because it no longer gives you that mental stimulus…

You are a martial artists and you have been training hard but you are still not quite getting the edge over your training partners and you feel like something is missing but you don’t quite know what that “something” is.

You love challenges and you are not afraid of getting your arse kicked in exchange for becoming super athletic.

You don’t like using equipment and prefer to exercise using just your own body weight so that you can stay fit wherever you are in the world.

The big problem with your current fitness regime

You feel strong and capable but you feel like you are stiff and could improve your movement skills. You don’t feel very athletic even if you can lift your own home in weight or can punch through a breeze block.

You feel like your current fitness regime doesn’t leave enough room for play and, in fact, stumps your creative expression through movement.

You want to learn how to get on and off the ground in a safe and cool manner. Or maybe you need to fine tune your co-ordination and reconnect each part of your body as a whole.

What you need to fall in love with fitness again

You need a style of training that will challenge you and stimulate you in every possible way but that will give you strength, agility, flexibility and better co-ordination as a result.

You need a style of training that you can easily incorporate into your existing routine to spice it up a bit and to complement your workouts.

You need to learn this from someone who has been in the trenches and spent hours training to master the techniques so that you can learn in a safe and supportive environment. And you will need plenty of encouragement along the way! 😉

How can Animal Flow Lessons help you?

Animal Flow is something that you have to experience because it’s very difficult to describe with words. It’s not the answer to everything but it can help you in many different ways. Check it out ????

It can provide you with a new and different challenge, both mental and physical. It can help you become a better martial artist and fighter because it teaches you how to reconnect each part of your body as a whole and how to move effortlessly with all four limbs on the ground, with the occasional flip included for good measure.

If you are creative by nature you will love Animal Flow as once you have mastered the moves you can then spend hours creating and performing your flows. It’s fun and immensely satisfying when you nail it.

When you are consistent with your practice your body will take on a super toned and athletic appearance without bulking up AND you will sting like a scorpion ? and be as strong as an Ox ?

What’s included

At the moment I am teaching Animal Flow Lessons on a 1-2-1 basis at your home and only within a 10 mile radius of Witham, Essex (UK).

When you sign up you get weekly or bi-weekly lessons to take you from beginner to advanced. You will learn all the L1 moves and start practicing simple flows. By this point you will be totally hooked!

You will then progress to the L2 moves and the more complex flows that require more athleticism.

Because of the current situation with the CoVid-19 pandemic I am unable to offer group lessons, however if you have the space and you know it’s safe I am happy for you to share your lessons with a friend.

Curious to give it a go?
Use the form below ?? to book your free consultation and let’s see if Animal Flow Lessons are for you.